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45hr Mindfulness Yin Yoga

Further Education Course in Spain for Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers and Yoga practitioners.

Mindful Yin Yoga Graduates March 2017  

7th - 11th May 2018

at the 3 star Rober Palas Hotel, Albir, Costa Blanca Spain  

From 500 euros

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Course description -

This unique 45hr Mindfulness Yin Yoga course, offers us the gift of a heart centred practice, allowing us to wake up from Automatic pilot and return to our centre where true healing begins. You do not need to be a Yoga Teacher to attend, and the course can be taken to simply cultivate and deepen your own practice, learn Yin Yoga or as further training for Yoga Teachers and Meditation Teachers

I love the coast, so the Spring course is held in the quiet mediterranean resort of Albir where temperatures in May 2017 were around 20 degress during the day, with 7 hours of sunshine. The perfect temperature for a walk to the Lighthouse where the photo was taken, along the palm tree lined, marble sea front or maybe a dip in the sea or Hotel Pool. For those booking a room at the venue the Rober Palas Hotel, extra nights are also available if you wanted more time to relax and explore. The resort offers a host of Restaurants, Bars, Coffee shops and everything you could need for your free time. Its also quick and easy to get to from Alicante Airport with the English speaking Shuttle Service that drops you at the door of the hotel. 

With an emphasis on awareness of the present moment and focus on being in your practice, rather than doing your practice, the course includes in-depth instruction on all aspects of Mindful Yin practice and teaching. The course also includes an introduction to Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Meditation and how it relates to your yoga practice, helping you come home to your body, deepen both your personal and teaching practice, and enhance your levels of heath and wellbeing.

Is the course suitable for me? -

The course is suitable for those with 1-2 years of Yoga asana practice and either an established meditation practice (not necessarily Mindfulness) or keen interest in learning how to encorporate Mindfulness-based Meditation into your personal and/or teaching practice. You do not have to desire to become a Yoga teacher, but you are expected to have a passion for Yoga. The course is accredited by both the UK Yoga Alliance Professionals and the USA Yoga Alliance. Continuing Professional Development CPD Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the USA Yoga Alliance, and Further development courses are recommended by the UK Yoga Alliance Professionals, so why not come along and learn new skills, deepen your practice and relax by the sea with like minded people!

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Upon completion of this course and full payment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting participation and attendance. In order to be a certified yoga teacher, students must also have completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training course. 

Please come along with an understanding of the quieter Yin practices through previous classes or pre-course study using the supplied Mindful Yin asana cards, and a strong interest in committing to the further exploration of both Yoga and Meditation.

6. Yin half Dragonfly    9. Yin Sphinx   14. Full Saddle head back

A typical days schedule for the 5 day course at Albir Playa Hotel and Spa, Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain is -

  • 08.00 - 09.30 Mindful Yin yoga and Mindfulness Meditation practice
  • 09.30 - 10.00 Break
  • 10.00 - 11.00 Anatomy (subtle and physical) Teaching Methodology and Philosophy of Mindful Yin Yoga and MBSR Mindfulness Meditation.
  • 11.00 - 13.30 Mindful Yin practice, training & practicum exploring every aspect of Mindful Yin Yoga
  • 13.30 - 15.00 Break 
  • 15.00 - 17.00 Mindful Yin practice, training & practicum and MBSR Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction meditation workshop
  • 17.00 - 19.00 Mindful Yin practice
  • We will also have a short morning and afternoon break

For a copy of the full daily schedule and curriculum, please click here

Yoga Teacher Training manuals

The class's and workshops balance essential theoretical knowledge with lots of skills practice and include the Yoga Alliance 5 educational categories of Practice and Training, Practicum/teaching experience, Anatomy (subtle and physical) Teaching Methodology and Philosophy. We have a short morning and afternoon break and and an hour and a half for lunch.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge to deepen your personal practice. Yoga Teachers will also have wonderful new teaching skills to add to existing classes, along with new business opportunities with Mindful Yin classes. This includes the key elements of MBSR Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction meditation as they relate to Mindful Yin Yoga.

Rober Palas Yin Rober Palas Yin 2  Rober Palas Yin 3  

Rober Palas Yin 6  Rober Palas Yin 4  Rober Palas Yin 7                 

Mindful Yin Yoga  -

Yin Yoga is part of the original Hatha Yoga tradition, and some say it was the original practice. Mindful Yin Yoga combines the influences of traditional Hatha Yoga with modern Mindfulness practices to improve health and well-being.

Recently brought back into the spot light by Bernie Clark, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and Biff Mithoefer and others, Yin Yoga is the practice of floor postures held for three to five minutes (sometimes more) It emphasizes the connective tissue of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. By drawing awareness away from the muscles and deeper into the bones a deep level of relaxation can be achieved. There is usually an element of Yang with a Yin pose, for example in Seal pose the muscles in the arms will be working, and props can be used to help take the strain off the arms. 

10. Yin Seal

During the training you will learn how to deepen your own practice and learn to teach -

  • What is Yin Yoga and its history
  • The differences between a Yang and Yin practice
  • The differences between Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • The most common Yin Yoga postures
  • Full instruction on alignment principles, modifications, assists and use of props to suit the individual including Mindful Restorative options 
  • How to teach Mindful Yin Yoga using 'inquiry style' guiding
  • Benefits and contraindications of Yin Yoga
  • Sequences for organ health including Kidney/Urinary, Liver/Gallbladder, Stomach/Spleen and Lung/Heart & Intestine and Governing/Conceptual vessel
  • Visualisations for each of the pair sequences to bring the practice alive
  • A Meridian pairs sequence (sometimes called Makko Ho or Shiatsu stretches) to bring balance to your energy body
  • How to practice pranayama to bring balance to the body & mind during the Yin postures
  • How to bring Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR meditation into your Yin practice
  • How to sequence Mindful Yin poses into your normal classes
  • Daily MBSR Workshop (condensed 8 week MBSR course) 
  • For details of a general Mindful Yin Yoga waking up to Autopilot general class click here

Mindful Yin Yoga Spain Nov 2016 compressed  Mindful Yin Yoga USA 2016  Yin Yoga graduates Oct 2017 3  

Mindful Yin Yoga Graduates March 2017

A few of the Mindful Yin Yoga graduates 

Being already a yoga teacher I took this training as a CPD and I can honestly say that it was a truly excellent training! It combined a great deal of knowledge of both yin yoga and mindfulness and Kathy Ward is a great teacher and a wonderful person. Krystyna, November 2016  

What is the difference between Restorative and Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is not intended to be Restorative Yoga, and there is some confusion on the differences. Yin Yoga encompasses long held, static stresses of the deep connective tissues allowing them to be remodeled, it may or may not be relaxing and there is a saying that goes "if you are feeling it you are doing it"

Props can be used to support the part of the body not being focused on, the joints effected/targeted are not supported themselves. In this way the joint can be stretched with gentle, but persistant pressure for the length of the hold.

We also use the tools of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR to step out of automatic pilot and just be in our bodies in this present moment, to find the middle path. Yin Yoga is not intended to promote recovery from injury and illness in the way that Restorative Yoga does.

Generally speaking in the Restorative Yoga, the postures are held for longer periods too but in a fully supported position allowing the body to let go (see photos of MBSR Restorative postures below)

Supported Butterfly   6. Resting Wide legg forward fold   11. Supported Hero

There are some overlaps but they are two distinct methods with different intentions. It is always dangerous to make a short dogmatic definition but here is how Bernie Clark explains it!

Restorative Yoga takes an unhealthy body and brings it (hopefully) back to normal, while Yin Yoga takes a normal healthy body and brings it up to optimum. So you see - it is a question of degree.

Our Mindful Yin is the perfect time for cultivating the Yama 'do no harm' by stepping out of Automatic Pilot and with a foundation of Ahimsa and Mindfulness, you tune into the experience of what is happening just now – in this moment.

Yoga Sutras II:16 “Heyam Dukham Anagatam - Suffering that has not yet come can, and should be avoided” 

This sutra really supports our vision of teaching yoga. We often ask "as you practice yoga can you relinquish the goal of physical accomplishment for the intention of cultivating awareness of well-being, peace, joy and happiness?"

Mindful Hatha Yoga  - Too much of a good thing (even Mindful Yin Yoga) is not always the best idea, so you will also practice the more active Yang Mindful Hatha Yoga or a fushion of Yin and Yang to bring balance to your energy body. Based on a mix of the ancient wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness practices, Mindful Hatha Yoga invites you to tune into your body and be kind to yourself. It is a path, a journey, not to get somewhere else, but to be where we are, as we are in this very moment, with this very breath, whether the experience is nice, unpleasant or neutral.

The first foundation of Mindful Yoga is Ahimsa (do no harm) to yourself and your students, and at its heart we practice the 8 attitudinal foundations of mindfulness -

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non judging, patience, beginners mind, trust, non striving, acceptance,

 letting go, forgiveness and self compassion.

Mindful Yoga taps into the innate potential for healing that we all have. It mobilizes our ability to cultivate embodied wisdom and self-compassion, and by so doing it teaches us to live our life and face whatever arises with awareness, integrity, clarity and an open-hearted presence.

This is why we call it a Mindful Yoga practice, even so, from time to time, we may need to remind ourselves to just be in our yoga practice, rather than think we are doing the yoga practice.For more information click on the What is Mindful Hatha Yoga page.

Please note as the focus of the course is Mindful Yin you will not learn how to teach Mindful Yoga. However you will receive complementory copies of Kathy's ebook Mindful Hatha Yoga, one breath at a time which includes Mindful Asana Prinicple MAP cards, a level 1 and 2 Mindful Hatha Yoga class sequence and general MBSR Yoga Therapy class sequence on booking the course.

Pranayama - When the breath is steady, so is the mind

During the training you will practice and learn to teach Pranayama in a Mindful way, taking into consideration the needs of the student and any contra-indications. Some text books refer to teaching pranayama in different levels, this gives the impression that Pranayama techniques are something to attain, leading students to become goal orientated towards “the most difficult” when in fact the more simpler pranayama may be the very one they need.

We will practice and learn to teach –
•    Breath awareness including deep tummy breathing to bring balance to the nervous system
•    Centering with a 3 Step Breathing Space
•    Heart breath
•    Learning how to exhale with Kaki pranayama to release stress, anxiety and tension
•    Ujjayi - the ocean breath
•    Nadhi Shodhana to bring balance to yin and yang
•    Orbiting Energy breath through the Conceptual Vessel and Governing Vessel Meridians

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Meditation for everyday life.

The meditation you will practice and learn to teach is our own unique amalgamation of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course, developed by Segal, Williams and Teasdale. It is has been designed to help students learn new ways of handling the stressors of modern living, and to help us find balance.

students in cresant meditation

Mindfulness is a life skill which can deepen our sense of well-being and fulfillment. It involves paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience, with an attitude of openness and non-judgmental acceptance. It engages all of our senses as we open to our entire experience, becoming aware of our body, thoughts and emotions - not always that comfortable during the long holds of Mindful Yin and MBSR Restorative Yoga! Using the skills of Mindfulness you will be able to skillfully deepen both your own and your students practice allowing you to tap into the true essence of the quieter practices. 

As Jon Kabat-Zinn so eloquently describes it, Mindfulness is “arriving at our own door”, being in touch with ourselves, with others and our surroundings in the present moment. It is a natural and an intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real and alive. For more information click on the What is Mindfulness Meditation page.

During the course you will learn-

  • Short meditation practices including Awareness of Breath, Pause and 3 Step Breathing Space
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Body and Breath meditation
  • Choiceless Awareness - the classic Mindfulness Meditation
  • 3 step Compassion Practice

Price  -  without accommodation 500 euros includes -

  • 50hrs of tuition
  • Extensive Manual including all scripts and Mindful Asana principles Map cards for both Mindful Yin and MBSR Restorative Yoga
  • Digital copy of the Mindful Hatha Yoga principle cards
  • mp3 Recordings of a short Body Scan, Body and Breath Meditation
  • 50hr Teacher Training/Continued Professional Development certificate for Mindful Yin Yoga      

Price  -  with accommodation at the Rober Palas Hotel - 

For those who would like to stay at the venue, we have negotiated some special rates for accommodation. Rates shown are for 6 nights, arriving on Sunday 6th May and checking out on Saturday 12th May. Extra nights may also be available please ask. The hotel can cater for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs, please advise at the time of booking.

If you prefer to find your own accommodation, the resort of Albir has everything from AirBNB, apartments and hotels to suit all budgets.

  • Non residential course (no accommodation) 500 euros
  • Course plus 6 nights Shared Double room with on-suite bathroom and breakfast 731 euros
  • Course plus 6 nights Shared Double room with on-suite bathroom and half board (breakfast and evening meal) 758 euros
  • Course plus 6 nights Single room with on-suite bathroom and breakfast 845 euros
  • Course plus 6 nights Single room with on-suite bathroom and half board 869 euros
  • Please note - Accommodation bookings are subject to availability, prices shown are when booked with Mindful Academy International. 


The bay of Albir

Rober Palas Hotel facilities -

The rooms of the 3 star Rober Palas are nicely decorated and fully equipped, with an en-suite bathroom and spacious bedroom. For more details of the hotel, visit their website by clicking here

Rober Palas swimming pool  Rober Palas dining room  Rober palas 2

The 3 star Rober Palas Hotel

You can also see the live webcam of Albir beach by clicking

How to Book -

First contact Kathy by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone either UK +44 1225 294483 or Spanish mobile +34 667196371 to check availability. We then ask for a non refundable 350 euro PayPal deposit to secure your space.The balance of tuition is payable six weeks before the course starts. Early booking is recommended as we are receiving enquiries daily. 

Travel - 

The nearest airport is Alicante, and transfers to and from Albir are very simple. We recommend that you book the 24hr English speaking transfer service directly from Alicante airport to Albir. For more details, please visit 

Pre-course study - 

  • Please read The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, The Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark before you arrive, there is no need to practice the Yin Asanas in the book (see below)
  • We will send you a digital copy of our Mindful Yin Yoga Asana MAP cards. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the asanas by practicing in a way that supports your body, so that you can familiarise yourself experientially with the practice of Yin Yoga. There is no need to print the Mindful Yin Yoga MAP cards as they are included in your course manual.
  • We will also send you an mp3 of the Body Scan and ask that you practice perhaps weekly, as a way to visit your body.

And Finally -

We understand that the decision to take a training course is huge, so if you have any questions, please contact us.