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 Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teacher Training Courses

in a Stunning Mediterranean Retreat Setting

At the Albir Playa Hotel & Spa

Mindful Academy International Graduates March 2017

The Mindful Academy International UK accredited 200hr Mindfulness Meditation MBSR Teacher Training course -

The course is based on the original work of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s highly acclaimed Mindfulness based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme and the current programmes taught at the University of Massachusetss Medical Centre and Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) where Kathy Ward trained as a MBSR Teacher, MBSR Supervisor and MBCT ca Teacher. 

This intensive mindfulness-based teacher training has been developed, refined and delivered since 2012 by Kathy Ward and Bodhin Woodward. The course taught by Kathy Ward and Mindful Academy International has been further revised and updated in 2017 to include the latest MBSR Research plus individual online supervision both before you arrive, and on your return home to support your teacher training pathway, as well as training videos and live online forum to support your preparation.

The Mindful Academy International Training courses are held in a Mediterranean Coastal Retreat environment, in the small family resort of Albir, Spain. The resort has a stunning marble and palm lined seafront walk, and we are at the foot of the Sierra Gelada Natural Park. The venue has been carefully chosen to develop and support the deepening of your personal mindfulness practice and the skills of a MBSR Teacher in an spacious, modern environment, supported by the excellent facilities at the Albir Playa Hotel & Spa including either your own or shared room and space to 'just be' at those times when we need to be by ourselves.

The courses are intensive, designed to immerse you in the principles and practices of mindfulness-based teaching. Starting from the premise that as teachers we need to embody mindfulness-based practices in our own lives, before we can attempt to teach it to others. The course facilitates an opportunity for sustained inner work through practice and learning alongside your peers, with the creation of a circle of shared support and learning in a very spacious and professional space.

As a professional Teacher Training School we also support the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of MBSR Teacher Training Courses and the Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers as one of our priorities is to establish and uphold high standards for teacher training and development. 

The course is taught by Kathy Ward,  Director of Training, Senior International Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT ca Meditation Teacher and MBSR Trainer, MBSR Supervisor, SYT Mindful Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach with CBT. Kathy trained as a MBSR/MBCT Supervisor with CRMP Bangor University in the UK and offers supervision to practitioners and teachers. She is registered with the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teachers. This listing ensures the integrity of mindulness classes by verifying the credentials of the teachers. This is a first in the professional context for mindfulness. 

Kathy is also assisted by a team of experienced MBSR Teachers to help support your learning and development. Please see the curriculum for more details. For more details on Kathy click here

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The choice is yours - Full 200hr MBSR Teacher Qualification or 100hr MBSR Continued Professional Development -

The course can be taken as either a full 200hr MBSR Teacher qualification course, or as a 100hr Continued Professional Development (CPD) also know as Continued Education Units (CEU) You do not need to make any decisions at the time of booking as the courses are booked and paid for seperately. 

The full 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training qualification is comprised of 2 x 100hr modules (TTR1 and TTR2) and on successful graduation of the full UK Accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered 200hr course you receive qualified MBSR Teacher status and have the skills and confidence to teach Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Meditation classes and workshops including Mindful Movement, and MBSR 8 week Stress Reduction courses to groups and individuals that empower people to make a real difference to their lives. You will also be eligable (at your own cost) to register with the Internationally accepted Yoga Alliance Professionals as a 200hr Registered Teacher should you wish. 

The 100hr MBSR Teacher Training Foundation Level 1 course TTR1 can also be taken as a Continued Professional Development (CPD) or Continued Education Units (CEU) for those wishing to add Mindfulness-based approaches to their profession or teaching. Remember, you do not need to make up your mind straight away, and there is no requirement to sign up for both courses. For more details on the Foundation Course please click here.

100hr MBSR Teacher Training Advanced Level 2 course TTR2.  This further teaching development course is intended for professionals who have previously attended a mindfulness-based Teacher Training TTR1 Level 1 with us, Mindful Academy Solterreno, or an equivalent course with another training organisation (please contact us if you are not sure about equivalency) For more details of the Advanced Course, please click here

Click here for details How to book the Mindfulness Meditation MBSR Teacher Training course

This professional and accredited training course is ideal for -

  • Meditation practitioners, Nurses, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors, Yoga Teachers and practitioners, Meditation Teachers and other professionals with a mind-body focus who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their professions.
  • If you have a well-established personal meditation practice (not necessarily Mindfulness Meditation) of 2 years (1 year for CPD course) and practice a minimum 5 times per week.
  • A desire to discover how to apply mindfulness in everyday life.
  • Plan to or are teaching/integrating mindfulness-based approaches in your work.
  • Are at least 25 years old.
  • Please note - You do not need to be a Yoga or Meditation Teacher to apply to take the course.
  • For more details on pre-requisites for application, please click here

Course Overview -

Our course exceeds the contact hours offered by many MBSR courses including the Centre for Reseach Mindfulness Practice CRMP at Bangor University as we include workshops that you would need to book seperately with them. The Level 1 and Level 2 Modules include extensive experiential practice and training on how to teach all aspects of Mindfulness MBSR Meditation including indepth workshops on teaching Mindful Movement, the skills of inquiry and how to incorporate the Mindfulness-based Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) into your growth and development as a teacher.

Kathy has over 35 years in Training and Development and over 7 years experience teaching over 340 Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Yoga teachers. This indepth courses intention is to support the deepening and embodiment of your personal practice, plus support your development of the skills and confidence to teach both Mindfulness Meditation and the Mindful Academy International 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Course. You will also learn about the amazing changes that happen in our brains as we flex the mindfulness muscle! 

The 100hr Foundation Level 1 Teacher Training TTR1 -

The focus of this course is on deepening your personal practice and embodiment of mindfulness, balanced with learning how to teach the MBSR Meditation core practices. The course also includeds workshops on the theory and intentions of Inquiry as a core element of MBSR, including practice inquiry in small groups and further deepening your skills during the daily practice teaching sessions.

We also include a workshop on Mindful Movement - a key formal practice based on yoga, do not worry if you have never taught movement before as you will discover that Mindful Movement is more a meditation in movement, its definately not about gaining flexibility or cardiovascular skills!

On the Foundation course, you will have the opportunity to teach 8 x 20 minute practices of the core Mindfulness practices including Mindful Movement and time to develop the inquiry skills you learnt in the Inquiry workshops.

You will receive both formal assessment and feedback on your teaching of these Meditation core practices using the industry standard Mindfulness-based Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) by Kathy and the team, plus informal feedback from your peers. 

The 100hr Foundation course is designed to begin the process of training to be a teacher of mindfulness-based approaches. Students come to this course with varying skills and experience and levels of Mindfulness practice. Inevitably, not everyone will be ready to begin to teach on completion of this course and further development may be required.

At the end of the course, there is an opportunity to discuss this and other feedback from the MBI-TAC Teaching assessments in a 60 minute online supervision meeting with Kathy Ward. This can be a helpful in reflecting on next steps and reviewing your learning and development needs after your  TTR1.

The 100hr Advanced Level 2 Teacher Training TTR2 -

On this course you continue to will deepen your own practice, embodiment of mindfulness and teaching skills. You will experience and llearn specifically how to teach all elements of the 2.5hr weekly sessions of the Mindful Academy / Mindful Academy International 8 week MBSR course using the provided 8 week Mindfulness MBSR session plans and the Participant Handbook. There is also plenty of time to deepen your Inquiry skills and practice relating to the theme and learning focus of each session.

On the Advanced course you will have the opportunity to teach both 30 minute sections of the sessions, and 60 minute sections. Once again, you will receive formal assessment and feedback on your teaching using the industry standard Mindfulness-based Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) from Kathy and the team, plus informal feedback from your peers.

At the end of the course, there is an opportunity to discuss this and other feedback from the MBI-TAC Teaching assessments in a 60 minute online supervision meeting with Kathy Ward. This can be a helpful in reflecting on next steps and reviewing your learning and development needs after your TTR2.

Gain a recognised Qualification to teach MBSR - 

On successful graduation from both the Foundation and Advanced courses you will be granted the status of qualified MBSR Teacher and be eligable to join our registry of Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teachers. We give you permission to print the Participant Handbook for use in live in person 8 week MBSR courses. You will also be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Registered Meditation Teacher.

Mindfulness MBSR Foundation Level 1 Teacher Training TTR1 dates -

Mindfulness MSR Advanced Level 2 Teacher Training TTR2 dates -

The 4 star Albir Playa Hotel & Spa & the Costa Blanca - 

The Costa Blanca has been recognised as one of the healthiest region to live by the World Health Organization (WHO). With more than 300 days of a year of sunshine, you can enjoy agreeable temperatures the whole year through. The annual average temperature is 18º, which means that in the summer the temperature isn´t extremely high, and the temperature in the winter will be relatively warm. The area has the Mediterranean sea on one side a just a few kilometers inland, a ring of mountains this helps to maintain a microclimate.

The venue at the Albir Playa Hotel & Spa has really friendly english speaking staff, excellent accommodation including spacious twin and single rooms for those who like their own space. The Buffet restaurant caters for every need including Vegetarian and those needing a gluten free or special diet. Of course there is also the Hotels wonderful Senses Spa, small gym and outdoor swimming pool, its just a short walk to the Mediterranean sea, pebble beach, marble palm tree lined walk and Sierra Gelada Nature Park with its coastal walk to the light house too - some fabulous places to practice Mindful Walking! To check out the seafront click Albir Beach live webcam

For those who wish to find their own accommodation, the small friendly resort of Albir has a wide range on offer, everything from holiday apartments to AirBnB right on the door step. There are plenty of restaurants and supermarkets in the local area. You can of course, join the group in the Hotel in the evening for dinner - Mindfulness is about choice and freedom after all!

Finally, getting here is super easy with many major airlines offering direct flights to our nearest airport of Alicante where you will find an English speaking shuttle service from the Airport to the resort of Albir and the hotel door - what more could you want!

Chris Hecimovich, Toronto, Canada

I have attended many training sessions in both my professional and personal life – ranging from business training courses to self-development courses and I’ve also attained multiple certificates in the world of Restorative and Hatha Yoga. I can, without a doubt, and with complete integrity, say that the 100 hour Foundation Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course at Mindful Academy has been my favourite – it is very intensive yet completely enjoyable.

The way that the MBSR foundation is taught with an accompanying handbook with all the lecture notes helps to really get deep and be present in what Bodhin and Kathy are teaching us. The way the hands on practice is integrated with the theory and supporting science is perfect. Bodhin and Kathy are very genuine and knowledgeable in their approach to the practice.

Gry Ely Fordelsen

Meeting Kathy was an undivided pleasant experience, both before arriving (friendly and welcoming emails) and during the course. She demonstrated her great generosity and deep wisdom everyday, simply excellent teaching. I feel very lucky that I found Kathys course, and I am sure it must stand out as one of the best! A big thank you to all the participants that made this course a once-in-a life time experience for me.

Daniel Baker

I had an intense, enriching, and transformational experience. The course suited my needs, outlook and ambitions very well, and will benefit me for years to come and I found the practical insights info facilitating mindfulness particularly valuable. The course is incredibly generous in providing scripts, and a wealth of information, and I appreciated the style and structure of the course - it placed mindful practice at the heart of the process, and allowed significant space for personal development. The information on the website spoke authentically and the coures was deeply authentic, grounded and practical

Mark Johnson

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and Kathy are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet direct and matter-of-fact way. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring Mindfulness Instructor.

Testimonial from Christine

I liked the pace of the course. It is well organised with logical sequencing and developing progress. The right amount of time for discussion and questions. Availability of teachers for help or queries was on offer whenever needed. I really felt the teachers were fresh as if we were their first ever students even though they have taught this many times before. I felt inspired and supported. Both are patient with a good sense of humour.

Gina Reynolds

A very well ran course, professional, well structured combining opportunities for practice and integration of the core teaching points. Space for personal development and growth, deepening ones own practice.

Testimonial from Randell S - M.D. at a Holistic Clinic in Norway 

"This course is highly recommended to anyone wishing to both deepen their own practice and prepare to teach others Mindfulness. The knowledge and teaching experience of the teachers is highly inspiring and enriching. The course fuses clear and structured teaching with informal group dialogue and ample opportunity for practice. I really appreciated the obvious preparation put into the course by the teachers and the beautiful setting at Solterreno Retreat Centre. My stay was a personal inspiration and renewal"

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