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I think the Mindful Academy International courses are great (well, I wrote them so I would!) I know the decision to take a course and start a new career is a tough one, so to try to help you make the right decision, here are some testimonials from graduates of the Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Foundation and Advanced Teacher Training Courses, the 50hr Mindful Yin Yoga CPD/CEU and the 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course. These testimonials are from real live people just like you! 

Claire from UK - November 2017 MBSR Foundation Teacher Training Course level 1

Incredible intensity combined with laughter and light, its been a wonderful experience overall. I greatly appreciated the support both personally and in the more 'academic' context. The sense of community and connection was beautifully instilled in the group and Kathy's credentials are impeccable. The course is thorough, in-depth, supportive in every facet and there is great trust and sense of mutual respect, it has gone far beyond my expectations!

Alex from Italy/UK - August  2017 MBSR Foundation Teacher Training Course level 1

The course was impeccably organised, great location and everything flowed smoothly. Kathy and her assistant Julie gave me, as I presume the other members of the course, every possible guide line and support that was/is needed for my personal path towards an experienced Mindfulness teacher. I would definitely recommend it, as I consider the course a mind opening, learning experience of high quality. Including all of that... it was also most enjoyable!!

Elske from Portugal/Holland - August  2017 MBSR Foundation Teacher Training Course level 1

In August 2017, I participated in the TTR1 Foundation Course, level 1 Teacher Training course with Mindful Academy International. It was an intense 10-day course in which we were taught about teaching both the formal and informal practices of the 8-week MBSR course. Kathy Ward’s training and guidance made me grow both on a personal level and as a teacher. Her course gives you the tools to grow into a confident mindfulness teacher with sufficient knowledge of the background of mindfulness. The more you prepare beforehand for this course, the more you will get out of it. Your preparation will make you more confident in guiding formal meditations, in adding to or rewriting the scripts and in taking sufficient pauses while guiding. Furthermore, the background reading done before the Foundation course will deepen your embodiment of mindfulness and increase your knowledge of the Teaching Methodology. So, I’d advise you to read the recommended books on mindfulness, view the online pre-course preparation and practice both listening to and guiding meditations. I can absolutely recommend the TTR1 Foundation Course, level 1 Teacher Training course with Mindful Academy International!  

Julie - 50hr Mindful Yin Yoga Milwaukee 2017

Thank you so much for coming to Milwaukee and sharing this amazing practice with us and helping to create a more mindful, kind community! I'm completely grateful for you and your passion for this practice!  

I  have been a trainer for many years attending lots of different courses. However, the Mindful Yin Yoga teaching training has to be the best one I have ever attended. Kathy delivered the course in a very clear, professional and caring manner. I highly recommend this course; it has been an amazing journey for me personally and professionally. Thank you Kathy!

Jonathan from Norway/USA - Spring 2015 200hr Mindful Hatha & MBSR Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course.

"Kathy is a skilled teacher who comes from the heart. She embodies the principles of Mindfulness and the true spirit of Yoga. Her care for students is remarkable, and she has a genuine interest in spreading yoga in a way that can truly enrich many people's lives. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I highly recommend her" "I resonate well with the whole philosophy and approach of Mindful Yoga as you present it. I hope you write a book (or three) so that I can promote it with the teaching I am doing"

Gry from Norway - Spring 2015 200hr Mindful Hatha & MBSR Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course

"Meeting Kathy was an undivided pleasant experience. Both before arriving (friendly and welcoming emails) and during the course. She demonstrated her great generosity and deep wisdom everyday, both in regard to yoga as an approach to life, but also in regard to the human nature. I feel very lucky that I found Kathys Mindful Yoga TTC! I am sure this course must stand out as one of the very best! A big thank you to all the participants that made this course a once in a lifetime experience for me"

Mark J - Clinical Counselor with the US Navy - Feedback on TTR2 of the 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in November

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and Kathy are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet direct and matter-of-fact way. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring Mindfulness Instructor.

Mina MBSR Foundation Course

Being in a group that was exceptionally well facilitated with compassion and a balance of imparted knowledge and room for practice / reflection was the most valuable part of the experience. I greatly appreciated the thoroughness of the programme, the amazing amount of preparation that had gone into preparing us for a great student experience. Kathy and Bodhin left no stone unturned! The course exceeded my expectations (which were high already!)  

 Sofia MBSR Foundation Course June 2014

The Training course was fantastic but intense! I really like the personal approach, it really feels like you are being guided through your own journey (development) I found that the techniques that we learned here are really powerful and am really  grateful for this experience and the journey into myself - I found my thing and want to bring others on a journey into themselves!  

Susana - TTR1 of the 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in May 2014

With all the different Mindfulness programs out there, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision when I signed up for the Mindfulness Academy teacher training up  in the mountains of Spain.  Did I make the right choice for me?  Simply put, the education I received was amazing.  Kathy and Bodhin compliment each other, making a perfect team.  Their understanding of the material, their ability to teach it in a kind, compassionate way and their honest, clear, non-judgemental feedback deepened my overall experience.  Honestly speaking, the time at the Mindfulness Academy has been one of the best educational and personal enriching experiences of my life. Much Gratitude. Susana from Switzerland May 2014

Christine C  - Head Teacher Madrid - Feedback on TTR1 of the 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in May

I liked the pace of the course. It is well organised with logical sequencing and developing progress. The right amount of time for discussion and questions. Availability of teachers for help or queries was on offer whenever needed. I really felt the teachers were fresh as if we were their first ever students even though they have taught this many times before. I felt inspired and supported. Both are patient with a good sense of humour.

Mark J - Clinical Counselor with the US Navy - Feedback on TTR1 of the 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in May

The TTR1 course was all I hoped for and more. The learning experiences were provided in a professional yet kind and compassionate way. Solterreno is a beutiful place to learn and share. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about and teach Mindfulness

Sharon V - Stress Management Consultant and business owner in Holland - feedback on Module one of the 200hr Theraepeutic Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training held in March 2014

"Taking this training was one of the best decisions I ever made! Kathy’s holistic view on yoga integrates psychology, anatomy and spirituality in a unique way. It shaped my view on how body-mind interaction contributes to the origin and the cure of stress-related diseases. I learned many things that now enable me to help clients better in dealing with physical or mental issues. I am very grateful to have learned from such an experienced and professional yoga teacher. The beautiful finca where the training took place, as well as the warm supporting group, made this a wonderful experience to me. I can certainly recommend this training to any yoga teacher or therapist!"

Paula - Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher in UK & Spain - 200hr Theraepeutic Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training held in March 2014

"I have been a trainer for many years attending lots of different courses.  However, the Therapeutic Mindful Yoga teaching training has to be the best one I have ever attended. The retreat location and facilities were ideal and although the 21 days were intense, Kathy delivered the course in a very clear, professional and caring manner. I highly recommend this course; it has been an amazing journey for me personally and professionally. Thank you Kathy!"

2013-06-15 20.55.29

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Graduates at Solterreno

Randall - M.D at a Holistic Clinic in Norway and graduate of the 200hr Mindful MBSR Meditation Teacher Training in November 2013

"A hands on, in depth teacher training course taught by 2 competent, dedicated and experienced teachers. Highly recommended for those seeking to teach MBSR courses.”

Ruth - An Integrative counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor in private practice in the UK - feedback on TTR1 of the 200hr Mindful MBSR Meditation Teacher Training held in October 2013

"This is a beautifully balanced and structured course which will suit both those who want intellectual stimulation and those who are looking for a more embodied experience. The Solterreno Retreat Centre is in a beautiful position, excellent food, lovely people and making the most of the available treatments is essential!”

June 2013 with certificates

June 2013 Yoga Teacher Graduates by The Dome Retreat Centre Swimming pool

Birgitte from Denmark - 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2013

“I am truly grateful for finding and attending this program. Kathy Ward is a very skillful, knowledgeable, inspiring and warmhearted teacher – a true “mother hen” for us students. When leaving I am sure, that I have been set on the right track for a fulfilling lifelong and life changing yoga journey.”

Diana T. Clinical Psychologist Spain and USA - 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2013

"Mindful Yoga Academy offers a great training experience. I recommend the program highly to prospective students. Personally, the experience has given me an enormous amount of information about yoga practice, teaching, modifications and mindful techniques.It has given me the tools I need to teach a variety of students at different levels of physical fitness and wellness. Not only do I feel more confident in my teaching skills,  professionally this course has helped me to find a niche in terms of my teaching and practice.  

Kathy is highly intelligent, skillful and an excellent teacher.   She is current on yoga and mindful meditation research and best practice guidelines.  And she is also a pleasure to be around. Keep up the great work!

Maliina from Greenland - 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2013

For me the Mindfulness approach was essential when I picked my 200hrs training and I am happy to say that it has truly met my expectations. Mindful Yoga for me is more that tricky asanas but an approach to your practice and life. Kathy came across as extremely knowledgeable, professional and honest.

Ashley S from Belgium - 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2013

A very special experience. The Dome Retreat Centre is a wonderful place to spend time, recharge your batteries and become reconnected to your inner voice. Kathy runs a high quality, challenging and engaging Teacher Training course and is an excellent role model for the values of the Mindfulness she teaches. I came with an open mind and the course delivered more and beyond.

Silje A. from Norway - 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2013

Very high leveled teaching in Yoga. You will become a more mindful and serious Yoga teacher, capable of developing your work with both people with different modificational needs and with those that are high leveled practitioners. You will also experience your own journey and positive changes both physically and mentally! A great experience and amazing journey!

meditation graduates

Meditation Teacher Training Graduates on Solterreno Retreat Centre deck

Facebook message from Eileen a graduate of the 200hr Therapeutic Mindful Hatha Yoga teacher training and TTR1 of the Meditation Teacher Training

Spain was fabulous - but what else would you expect? I will be back again in November to complete the 200hr Mindfulness MBSR Meditation TTR2 course and I hope to run MBSR classes in Edinburgh next year some time. The Meditation TTR1 course was comprehensive & interesting - highly recommend it! Also means I only have to do 100 more hours to get the 500 hours Mindful Yoga Teacher Training. Would love to do that with Kathy next May, but will have to fit around family. I am now the Yoga and Meditation teacher at Stobo Castle - a top health spa near Edinburgh. It is great experience for me - especially with the meditation teaching, as it will give me more credibility when I set up my courses. Also means I can practice teaching meditation before completing the MBSR course. I also have 5 regular yoga classes and 2 pre-school groups! Phew!.

Testimonial for The Mindfulness Meditation TTR1 June 2013 from Randell S - M.D. at a Holistic Clinic in Norway -

This course is highly recommended to anyone wishing to both deepen their own practice and prepare to teach others Mindfulness. The knowledge and teaching experience of the teachers is highly inspiring and enriching. The course fuses clear and structured teaching with informal group dialogue and ample opportunity for practice. I really appreciated the obvious preparation put into the course by the teachers and the beautiful setting at Solterreno Retreat Centre. My stay was a personal inspiration and renewal"


Spring 2013 certificates

March 2013 Yoga Teacher Graduates at The Dome

Diana V - from Dubai 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2013 -

Mindblowing experience and phenomenal course. I now have a greather appreciation of the power of Mindfulness and calm focus in everyday life. Kathy has taught me that the secret to any mastery in life lies in our hearts. When you feel the heart open then you are at home... I highly recommend the course to every individual as it is not just a journey into yoga but an education that will cause your soul to sing!

Sydne S - from France 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2013 -

I definately recommend this course! If you are looking for a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training course then this is the one - infact I am recommending a member of my family takes the training next year!

Brechje T - from Holland 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2013 -

I recommend this course, especially also to other psychomotor therapists. It has been amazing. A lot of things have come together - my background as a human movement scientist, my work as a psychomotor therapist, yoga and mindfulness all in the right time of my personal journey. 

Carolyn T - Spain/Iraq 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2013 -

I absolutely recommend this course! this has been an amazing journey of growth both personally and professionally


Meinou S from Holland 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training October 2012 -

For the safety of all yoga students, every teacher should follow this course to learn the basics of yoga and to teach safely. Kathy is a great teacher with a broad experience.



July 2012 Yoga Teacher Graduates at Solterreo Retreat Centre

Liselotte from Holland 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2012 -

“I highly recommend the Therapeutic Mindful Yoga Teachers’ Training. It was beyond my expectations and shined a new light on yoga for me. The location is just marvelous (Solterreno Retreat Centre) and really sets the right atmosphere for the start of the yoga teaching journey. Kathy Ward is an extraordinary good teacher, her profound background various fields such as business, NLP and yoga, she is the living proof that you can walk the spiritual path with two feet on the ground. She lives what she teaches, that makes her a real teacher to me.”

Melissa from the USA 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2012 -

I feel very prepared to teach students in a way that is safe and beneficial to both their mind and spirit. I have learned how to get more out of my own practice that can translate in everyday life. The instructors and volunteers were exceptional. Kathy did a wonderful job in adjusting the schedule to ensure we were getting the most out of each session. Solterreno creates a wonderful environment that allows people grow spiritually. I would definitely recommend coming here and home to return sometime in the future.

Veronica R- USA 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training July 2012

Amazing! I gained so much from the experience I had at Solterreno.  I would sign up for another course in a second. I will always cherish the experiences I had at Solterreno. Not only did I learn more about yoga, but also about myself. I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Kathy and all of the staff.  The quality of the environment was unmatched and maximized my learning experience. I highly recommend this program and I hope that my future path will lead me to Solterreno again.

Spring Graduates 2012

March 2012 Yoga Teacher Graduates at Solterreno Retreat Centre

Veronika from Caveland Retreat Santorini in Greece, 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2012 visit her website

"Amazing experience, great course!  This yoga teacher training was one of the most unique experiences of my life, I relate to it until today.

Kathy is a great teacher, very knowledgeable. She taught me what is the yoga for "normal" people. Thanks to her course I am able today to teach any type of a student, young, old, healthy and fit or with a poor posture and in bad shape.

Kathy put her effort and prepared a great manual about all aspects of yoga, anatomy, teaching methodology, philosophy that I use every day when preparing for my classes or looking for something specific. She also put together a list of good books to read if you wish to broaden your knowledge and this is again a great resource of information for me.

The course was great, amazing resource of information and practical experience with options to ask as many questions as possible.

The place she selected is hidden in the Spanish mountains, actually a great location if you wish to dive into yourself and be in touch with nature. It is run by a really nice couple and they have the best cook ever!

All in all, I highly recommend this course to anybody, who is looking to learn about yoga and heath and how to use yoga and relate to it in everyday life!

Camilla from Norway 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training October 2011 -

"The 200hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training has been one of my best experiences ever. The days were long and intense, but the themes were interesting and very different so the hours just flew. I have learned so much and I feel more confident teaching yoga in different settings. I certainly recommend the programme to anyone who want to teach yoga and to anyone who want to deepen their own practice. It`s a journey, not just an education"

Jen from Colorado USA October 2011 -

"I recommend the program to prospective students. For me personally, the overall experience has helped me to be confident in my teaching skills and become more aware of all the aspects of yoga. Professionally, I think this course will help me in my future teaching because of all the modifications we learned and different ways of teaching. I feel now as though I can teach most people, not just young, fit people. I think the third week was a vital part of the course"

"The course also truly allowed me to work on myself, which will inevitably lead me to be a much better teacher in the future. As a teacher, Kathy was incredibly compassionate and gave me so many tools I have taken home with me. After taking this yoga therapy course, I feel confident in my ability to help students from a variety of backgrounds. I could not have asked for a more positive or rewarding experience. Thank you Kathy!

Janna from Holland 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training October 2011 -

"What struck me most, is Kathys ‘gift’ to empower people and mirror them – at the same time not interfering with their process (which for me worked very well). The times we spoke during the coaching talks, I could actually make direct contact with ‘self-confidence’ – and say and feel without ‘blushing’ or shame: “Yes, I can do this! I can be a teacher. I am a teacher.” Whereas in the past if somebody said something like ‘you are good at this or that’ – it remained something they said… but I couldn’t feel myself. Kathy is very welcoming, always positive towards everybody and everything, giving (we got so much information/handouts and visits to other places) she is also a very experienced Yoga Teacher and Coach"

Henna from Holland and Catherine from France, 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training May 2011 -

Henna started a 3 year Yoga Teacher training programme in Holland, but changed to the Mindful Yoga Intensive course as she wanted to get on and teach! she told me she learnt more in the first week than in over a year in Holland. She plans to open her own studio both in Holland and Spain.

Catherine is a truly amazing women and I am honored to have taught her. She is registered blind and inspires everyone who meets her to live life to the full and without fear. She is the Manager of a 5 star Spa complex in France where she works as a Physiotherapist and will now also offer Therapeutic Hatha Yoga to her clients.

Andrew from Spain, 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2011 -

Andrew completed his 200hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training programme in April 2011. He now runs the very successful Obsidian Retreat Centre  in Spain with his wife Carol and was recently featured in the Mail On Sunday. In an email a few months later he told me the training was "the best thing I have ever done" .

Rosy from USA 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2011 -

"My decision to take Kathy's Therapeutic yoga teacher training was something that happened unexpectedly but it was most fortuitous. It was a difficult time of my life so I looked to see if I could find a program and a teacher who could offer a gentle and compassionate environment for learning & growing while healing. I stumbled on Kathy Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training which spoke to me as it was tailored to illnesses & conditions. I thought this program would allow me to recover in a gentle more serene way. I liked her approach as she was the only instructor that I had contacted that backed her information up with lots of data, studies and legitimate references when I emailed her my questions. This told me she was credible and had integrity. What I received from the training far exceeded everything I could have ever imagined. Additionally, the encouragement and inspiration I have received from Kathy has allowed me to open my heart and eyes to other career possibilities within Therapeutic yoga and mind body healing. Since the training I have had many interesting opportunities come to me most of which were unexpected. The program and experience was delightful and Kathy since the training has been extremely resourceful as I try to figure out how and where I will lay my hat"

Jetske and OHM TV in Holland, 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training March 2011

Jetske came on the 200hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training programme in March 2011 complete with a film crew for a few days! This video is a short extract from the Documentary of her journey shown on OHM TV in Holland in September 2011.  If you would like to watch the full Documentary (in Dutch but with me in English) click here

Daniella from the USA 200hr Mindful Hatha Yoga Teacher Training November 2010 -

"The course truly helped broaden my interest and knowledge of yoga, health and wellness. I feel confident now in my teaching and know that I will be able to use the tools gathered from the program to help others and myself experience the benefits of yoga"