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Julia Emes. MBSR Mindfulness Teacher, Assistant Mindfulness MBSR Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

julia emes

Julia is a graduate of Mindful Academy. She has assisted on both the MBSR Teacher Training Foundation and MBSR Teacher Training Advanced Courses with Mindful Academy International and is dedicated to sharing this work with others. 

With a mission to bring context-appropriate mindfulness teacher training to Africa and elsewhere, Julia is also engaged in a year-long mentoring programme with supervisor-trainer Kathy Ward of Mindful Academy International to become an MBSR teacher trainer.

She is currently living in West Africa where she is offering formal mindfulness courses for adults, teens and children in addition to designing and delivering in-house mindfulness sessions, workshops, courses and retreats.

Julia's target groups are typically individuals and families working and living in international settings and she has a particular interest in working to foster resilience and happiness amongst third culture kid communities and those working in challenging multicultural contexts such as embassy staff, relief and development workers, and those involved in the health, education, wildlife conservation and business sectors overseas.  She practises and teachs mindful Yin yoga which she offers in addition to and combined with mindfulness training, for both individuals and small groups.

Julia's teaching is inspired by her own long-standing practice of meditation and yoga and informed by the training she have received through Mindful Academy International, Mindful Academy and the UK-based Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP),

She hopes to be able to design and deliver formal and tailored mindfulness teacher training programmes Internationally by the end of 2018. As part of her on-going development she is also training to become a trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator.